Services and guarantees

After-Sales Service

Our service department is accessible seven days a week in order to respond promptly to your needs. Our service trucks have all the necessary equipment allowing our qualified technicians to make immediate reparations on site so you do not have to spend several days without water.


In order to provide you with the best products and services available, Les Puits artésien Fréchette offers a solution that will ensure your peace of mind. We offer the best guarantees in the industry. We even offer the possibility of an extended guarantee on our installation and work. image de certificat

This is what we guarantee :

  • The pump
  • The reservoir
  • All accessories
  • Labor
  • Extended warranty available for water flow
    If there is a sustained water shortage, we will perform all work necessary to restore the water flow in your well as stipulated in your contract and at no extra charge
  • A guarantee for the stability of the contact walls is available
    If the pump becomes surrounded by rocky sediment and it becomes impossible to remove it from the well to execute the required maintenance, we will install a new pump at no extra cost

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