Pumping system

Submersible pump and tanks

The submersible pump is ideal for supplying water to the home or cottage. Installing the pump best suited to your needs will result in your obtaining the correct pressure and a good flow rate at the faucet.

We install stainless steel pumps manufactured by Berkeley or Franklin. These are very efficient pumps, even under the toughest conditions. Steel or fibreglass tanks are available in several sizes. Fibreglass tanks have the advantage of not rusting and being more durable.

Our service units carry a large inventory of pumps so we can respond quickly and efficiently to your service call. Contact us at: 1-800-363-8683


It is advisable to have your system inspected by a professional every five years. This way, you can avoid potentially costly breakdowns that may occur anytime.

Make an appointment at: 1-800-363-8683

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